How Can SGB Help You Overcome PTSD

Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD: How Can SGB Help You Overcome PTSD?

Going through a traumatic event like a serious accident or an assault can be life-altering in many ways. While it’s normal to experience anxiety, fear, and depression immediately after the event, most will regain their sense of safety and peace naturally. Unfortunately, just over 5% of people go on to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a debilitating condition that causes side effects such as hypervigilance and intrusive memories.

Traditional treatments like psychotherapy and medication have historically been the primary approach to treat PTSD. However, these approaches aren’t suitable or effective for everyone. Now, innovative treatments like Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) are gaining attention for their potential benefits. Read on to learn more about using SGB for PTSD relief.

PTSD: Causes and Symptoms

PTSD is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts about the event. These symptoms can significantly impair an individual’s daily life and overall well-being.

Alleviate PTSD With a Stellate Ganglion Block

A Stellate Ganglion Block is a procedure that was initially used for pain management. It involves an injection of a local anesthetic into the stellate ganglion, a collection of nerves in the neck. 

The procedure aims to ‘reset’ the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight or flight” response. In people with PTSD, the sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, causing relentless feelings of stress and anxiety—and an SGB injection “turns down” the sympathetic nervous system’s ability to send messages to the brain. This reduces PTSD symptoms such as anxiety. When the treatment wears off, the sympathetic nervous system functions at a normal level. 

SGB for PTSD: A Powerful Treatment

Recent studies have shown promising results for using stellate ganglion block for PTSD symptoms. Many patients report a significant reduction in symptoms, sometimes after just one treatment. These improvements can include reduced anxiety, better sleep quality, and a decrease in intrusive thoughts.

Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD: A Quick Process

SGB injection for PTSD is typically an outpatient procedure and takes about 30 minutes. 

It starts with a trained specialist using ultrasound or fluoroscopy to find the stellate ganglion and inject a local anesthetic. The procedure is minimally invasive and has a relatively low risk of complications.

Frequency of SGB Treatments for PTSD

How often a client will need stellate ganglion block treatments for PTSD varies depending on their response to the initial procedure and the severity of their symptoms. Some patients experience significant relief after just one treatment, while others may require multiple sessions.

Individual factors that affect treatment frequency include:

Initial Response: A client’s response to their first SGB treatment is a crucial indicator of how effective ongoing treatment will be. Some patients report substantial symptom relief that can last for months.

Follow-up Treatments: Based on the initial response, a medical professional may recommend follow-up treatments. These are typically considered if symptoms reemerge or do not sufficiently improve after the first treatment.

Tailored Approach: The decision on the number and frequency of SGB treatments should be made collaboratively between the client and the medical expert, who will take into account the client’s specific circumstances and treatment response.

Stellate Ganglion Block: Fast and Safe Treatment for PTSD

One of the most notable benefits of stellate ganglion block for PTSD is the rapid onset of symptom relief. Clients can experience a noticeable improvement in their symptoms within hours to days after the procedure. This relatively fast response is particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with life-limiting PTSD severe symptoms.

Can Stellate Ganglion Block Help Me Recover from PTSD Long-Term?

SGB treatment for PTSD not only provides significant immediate benefits, but can also provide long-term relief. Many patients report sustained improvements in their PTSD symptoms. This prolonged relief can lead to a better quality of life and an increased ability to participate in other forms of therapy.

SGB and Traditional PTSD Treatments

SGB injections complement but do not replace traditional PTSD treatments like psychotherapy and medications. By reducing symptoms like hypervigilance and anxiety, SGB can make patients more receptive to other forms of treatment, enhancing their overall efficacy.

Safety and Side Effects of Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD

SGB injections to treat PTSD are generally considered safe, with minimal side effects. The most common side effects are temporary and may include sore throat, voice changes, or mild pain at the injection site. Serious complications are rare.

How Much Does the SGB Shot Cost for PTSD?

As the benefits of treatment become more well-known, it is now easier to find SGB treatment in San Diego. The cost of a Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) shot for PTSD can vary widely, but it typically ranges from $500 to $2,000 per injection.

Unveiling the Future of SGB in PTSD Treatment

Ongoing research continues to explore the efficacy and mechanisms of SGB in treating PTSD. Each study improves our understanding of how to apply SGB in PTSD and mental health treatment.

Charting a New Course With Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is a beacon of hope for those grappling with PTSD. It can provide relief for people experiencing some of the most treatment-resistant symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, and emotional volatility. 

At Thrive Medical Specialists, we understand the complexities of PTSD and how it can greatly impact our clients’ quality of life. We are committed to offering compassionate, cutting-edge care. Our team of experts provides a supportive environment for those seeking relief from the chains of PTSD.

If you or a loved one is battling PTSD, we invite you to explore the potential of SGB with us.

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